Your user account

Whenever you use AppSignal your log in with your user account. A user can have access to one or more organizations that contain apps that are being monitored.

Sign up

When you are invited to an existing account or sign up, you can choose to sign up using GitHub or use an email / password combination.

If you chose to sign up using an email / password combination, you can always link your GitHub account later on by visiting your Profile & Settings and scrolling down to GitHub section.

Personal settings

Once you're logged in you can navigate to your settings page by using the settings link at the top right of the screen. There are four personal setting screens.


In personal settings you can change your name and password. If you haven't linked your GitHub account during sign-up, you can still do so here. Connecting your GitHub account gives you additional features like direct links to commits and linked stack trace lines.


You can have multiple email addresses associated with AppSignal. This could be useful if someone invites you on your personal email address while you prefer to use your company email address.

It's also useful if you are part of multiple organizations within AppSignal. You can choose to have notifications sent to different email addresses per organization.

Email addresses

You can configure which email address AppSignal should use for notifications per organization. You can also choose whether you want to receive notifications per app. If you disable notifications you'll still be able to access the app.