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Installing AppSignal for Ruby


Please follow the installation guide when adding a new application to AppSignal.


Before you can compile the AppSignal gem make sure the build/compilation tools are installed for your system. Please check the Supported Operating Systems page for any system dependencies that may be required.

Installing the gem

We recommend you install and manage the AppSignal gem dependency with Bundler.

Add the following line to your Gemfile.

# Gemfile
source "https://rubygems.org"

gem "appsignal"

Then run bundle install to install the gem.

To install AppSignal in your application we recommend you run the appsignal install command. Please provide it with your Push API key to configure it properly.

bundle exec appsignal install YOUR_PUSH_API_KEY

This will present you with an installation script that can integrate automatically in some frameworks and gems and will allow you to configure AppSignal.

For more information on how to integrate AppSignal into your application see the integrations documentation to see what steps are necessary.

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