AppSignal for Python

AppSignal supports Python applications through OpenTelemetry.

Once installed, the AppSignal package will send your application's error and performance data to AppSignal.


OpenTelemetry is an open-source initiative that streamlines and standardizes telemetry data collection.

OpenTelemetry supports multiple languages, including Python, and consists of multiple components: tracing, metrics, and logs. We support OpenTelemetry's tracing component in our Python integration for better error reporting and performance measurements.

Learn more about OpenTelemetry via the project's official website.


The Python installation documentation will guide you through the steps needed to install AppSignal.


Our Configuration documentation will guide you through the steps needed to configure AppSignal.

Custom Instrumentation

Our Custom instrumentation documentation will walk you through all the steps needed to create custom instrumentation with AppSignal.

Supported Libraries

We currently offer support for the following Python libraries: