AppSignal for Node.js: Demonstration tool

The AppSignal for Node.js package ships with a command line tool used to send demonstration samples to AppSignal. Upon running it, it sends an error and performance sample to AppSignal from the user's machine.

This command line tool is useful when testing AppSignal on a system and validating the local configuration. It tests if the installation of AppSignal has succeeded and if the AppSignal agent is able to run on the machine's architecture and communicate with the AppSignal servers.

Read more about how to use the demonstration command on the Debugging page.


On the command line in your project run:

npx @appsignal/cli demo

To run it with a specific environment, Push API key or application name, see the CLI options.

npx @appsignal/cli demo --environment=production --api-key="<PUSH API KEY HERE>" --application="My app"


--api-key=<key>Specify the Push API Key to use for the app. Config option pushApiKey.
--application=<key>The name of the app to send the demo samples for. Config option name.
--environment=<environment>Set the environment to use in the command, e.g. production or staging. Config option environment.

If no options are specified the demo tool will use the environment variables of config options if present.