Interested in contributing to AppSignal? Great!

Helping out is possible in many ways. By reporting issues, fixing bugs, adding features and even fixing typos. Let us know if you have any questions about contributing to any of our projects.

We're very happy sending anyone who contributes Stroopwaffles. Have look at everyone we sent a package to so far on our Stroopwaffles page.

Open Source projects

All open source projects are available on our AppSignal GitHub organization.

Our main projects include:

Other projects we have open sourced, and are used internally by other projects, include:

  • AppSignal Rust agent Early stage proof of concept of AppSignal Rust integration.
  • sql_lexer Rust library to lex and sanitize SQL queries.
  • Rust library to read out system stats from a machine running Linux.
  • public_config Parts of configuration that are public, such as magic dashboards.

Using git and GitHub

We organize most of our git repositories on GitHub using a main and develop branch. The main branch corresponds to the current stable release of a project. The develop branch is used for development of features that will end up in the next minor release of a project.

Feature branches are used to submit bug fixes and new features using GitHub Pull Requests. When submitting a Pull Request the changes are tested against a variety of Ruby/Elixir versions and dependencies on Travis CI. The submitted change is also reviewed by two or more AppSignal project members before it is accepted.


AppSignal is very open about changes to its product. Changes to integrations and the application itself are all visible on Big updates will also be posted on our blog.

All AppSignal integration projects use Semantic Versioning for versioning of releases. Documentation and other non-version specific projects do not use explicit versioning, but will mention related version specific content, such as in which version a feature was introduced.

Every stable and unstable release is tagged in git with a version tag and can be found on every project's GitHub page under "Releases".

Reporting bugs

Report a bug by opening an issue on the GitHub project page of the respective project. If the bug report contains some sensitive information that is necessary for the complete report you can also contact us to submit the bug.

When the bug is a security sensitive issue, please refer to the Security issues section.

When submitting a bug fix please create a Pull Request on the project's GitHub page please submit the change against the main branch.

Feature requests

Missing a feature or integration in AppSignal? Please let us know when something comes to mind by sending us an email or submitting an issue on the project's GitHub page.

It's also possible to submit a feature on one of our Open Source projects by creating a Pull Request targeted on the project's develop branch.

Security issues

If you think you've found a security issue with regards to our application, network or integrations, please let us know immediately by sending an email to

Code of Conduct

Everyone interacting in AppSignal's codebases and issue trackers is expected to follow the contributor code of conduct. Please report unacceptable behavior to

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