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Supported Operating Systems

Linux and macOS

The AppSignal integrations for Ruby and Elixir contains native extensions and a separate light-weight agent process. These native extensions are supported on most Linux distributions and macOS.

Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux support is currently in Alpha. You can try our experimental Alpine Linux support by installing the 2.1.0.alpha.x versions of the AppSignal gem.

gem "appsignal", "2.1.0.alpha.2"

For the latest available alpha version see the full list on and track our progress here.

Alpine Linux support for our Elixir package is in the works. Track its progress on this issue.

Please let us know if you run into any problems in our alpha version.

Alpine Linux was originally not supported because our agent, which written in Rust, does not fully support Alpine Linux's musl C standard library yet. This has been reported upstream to the Rust team and they are working to improve support for Alpine Linux.

Microsoft Windows

We are undecided on supporting Windows. If you use Windows in your production environment and would like us to support it, send us an e-mail.

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