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AppSignal for Ruby: Diagnose tool

The AppSignal Ruby gem ships with a self diagnostic tool. This tool can be used to debug your AppSignal installation and is one of the first thing our support team asks for when there's an issue.

This command line tool is useful when testing AppSignal on a system and validating the local configuration. It outputs useful information to debug issues and it checks if AppSignal agent is able to run on the machine's architecture and communicate with the AppSignal servers.

This diagnostic tool outputs the following:

  • if AppSignal can run on the host system.
  • if the configuration is valid and active.
  • if the Push API key is present and valid (internet connection required).
  • if the required system paths exist and are writable.
  • the AppSignal version information.
  • the information about the host system and Ruby.
  • the last lines from the available log files.

Read more about how to use the diagnose command on the Debugging page.

This tool is available since version 1.1.0 of the AppSignal Ruby gem.


On the command line in your project

appsignal diagnose

With a specific environment

appsignal diagnose --environment=production

Exit codes

  • Exits with status code 0 if the diagnose command has finished.
  • Exits with status code 1 if the diagnose command failed to finished.

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