Integration gemsDEPRECATED

Deprecated gems The gems described on this page are deprecated. They are only used for the appsignal gem version 0.x. When using the gem 1.x release and up no separate gems are required. Please consult the supported integrations page what configuration integrations might need.

Rails instruments ActiveRecord queries by default. But what if you use another database, such as MongoDB or Redis?

No worries, we've got you covered. AppSignal won't pick up notifications for these databases if you only add the AppSignal gem, but we have made it very easy for you to add instrumentation to some of the most widely used alternative databases.

Just add one of the following gems to your Gemfile:


Use with with the 10gen Mongo driver that's used in Mongoid 2 and MongoMapper.

gem 'appsignal-mongo'


Use with the Moped driver that's used in Mongoid 3. Mongoid 4 has it's own instrumentation and this gem is not needed.

gem 'appsignal-moped'


Use with the redis-rb gem.

gem 'appsignal-redis'


Use with the tire gem for elasticsearch. Other elasticsearch gems already have instrumentation, such as elasticsearch-rails work out-of-the-box.

gem 'appsignal-tire'

Next deploy your app and we will start receiving data from these instrumentations straight away.

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