AppSignal for Node.js: Install tool

Our 2.x integration is deprecated, please upgrade to 3.x. Migration information is available here.

The @appsignal/cli package includes a command-line tool to install AppSignal in an existing Node.js application.


The command-line tool is primarily used to help set up the configuration for AppSignal. Please follow the installation guide when adding a new application to AppSignal.

Full integration works automatically for many frameworks. Other frameworks may require some additional setup. Please refer to our documentation pages for integrations to find out which applies to you.


On the command line in your project run:

npx @appsignal/cli install

The tool is fully interactive and should only need to be run once.

Exit codes

  • Exits with status code 0 if the command has completed successfully.
  • Exits with status code 1 if the command has completed with an error.

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